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"Please allow me to introduce myself..."

My name is Craig Wilson and I sing and play music in the Cincinnati/Northern, KY and Indiana region. I do audio production. I do recording for many national acts. I setup and run sound for some amazing acts. I work as a keyboardist, vocalist and do technical support too. I get to work with some wonderfully gifted and talented folks, thank you Lord! I am part of The Walton Gospel Group that ministers to nursing homes and I am actively pursuing my "Rehab Tour" performing for folks at rehab centers and nursing homes.

I hope you can come see me at one of my gigs! I get to play some nice places. Do you have a favorite song? I might know it. I play Elton John, Billy Joel, John Mayer, James Taylor, Led Zep, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, gospel favorites and God Bless America etc. -- basically pop songs that you probably know and can sing a long with.

I have done shows for the USO, Wounded Warrior Project and many wonderful special events.


My Performance Schedule Changes Sometimes!!
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Here is my Friends and Family Page:


"What a long, strange trip it's been..."

I also do audio engineering and technical support for the entertainment arts. This includes programming synthesizers, writing technical articles and mostly helping artists not have to worry about all the high-tech gobble-de-gook so that the artist can concentrate on making great art!

I have done musician and engineering duties for R and B legend, Kenny Smith. I have worked as engineer for the gifted vocalist/percussionist/songwriter, Emmy nominated Patsy Meyer (Peabo Bryson, Patty Austin, Lamb and Meyer).

I have done work for The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, The Moscow Circus, Brady Seals and Little Texas, La Comedia Dinner Theatre, as well as countless others. I did archival and restoration of reel to reel tape (over 1000 reels so far) containing music beds for "As The World Turns", "Days of Our Lives", "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" and many other national shows. Some of this material was from Emmy Award Winning Composer/Producer John Henry and Worldwide Music Services in Hollywood.

hotbutter-small.jpg.jpg I offer a transcription/archival/restoration service for reel tapes and even 4-track cassettes. Rates vary, call for a quote. If you have music stored on tape, I have some strong advice for you. DO NOT try to play it unless the tapes have been properly tested and restored. I offer this service at a very cost-effective rate. If tapes are not properly prepared, odds are the tape will be permanantly damaged and the playback device will need servicing!!! The reason is simply this -- the metal oxide in older tape is held to the mylar tape by a "binder" (glue). This binder, with age and humidity, gets sticky. When the tape moves across the parts of the playback device, the oxide and binder come off the tape. The metal oxide holds your music! I have thousands of hours of restoration experience of very valuable audio libraries.
Call me. 859-750-4984

Other services include: Mobile Recording (includes engineer, setup etc.)
Music creation (Authoring)
Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Vocals
Mixing, Mastering, transcription, reformatting
Onsite Recording available (some restrictions apply!)

Some of the gear I use:
Hammond Organ/Leslie
Keybords by Korg, Yamaha, Roland, Moog, Arp
Alesis HDR24 track 24 bit mobile recorder
2(!) Soundscape/SSL 32 track recorders
Sonar X2 Producer, Adobe Audition CS6, Protools,
Reason, Diminsion Pro, NI FM7 and FM8, and so on...
Mics, mics, and more mics!!!
BIG mixers, little mixers, very nice mic pre's and...
A 2 person jetted bath with integrated mood enhancing LED lighting!!

IMG_1041_CraigWilsonBassilica2005Resize119x147.JPG" Craig Wilson-Howdy!

Craig Wilson - Entertainer/Audio Engineer

Keyboards, Vocals, Audio Production, and just plain nice guy!
For Booking information please call 859-750-4984 or email

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"That's my story and I'm stickin' to it..."

I play all kinds of music. I call what I do "eclectic pop", and to me, that means songs that you probably know and sing-a-long with like Sinatra, Bennett, Dean Martin, Billy Joel, Elton John, James Taylor, John Mayer, Journey etc...

I even do a few songs in Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. I love variety!

Do you have a request? I might know it!

"How Soon Is Now?"

Back in the 1980's...
here's a track that I did the vocals and music sequence for...

Bud Light Salutes
My Brother Chris and His Team

My brother Chris is now officially a "Real Man of Genius". Bud Light Salutes "Mr T-shirt Launcher Inventor". A few years ago, my brother and his team designed the T-shirt launcher that won first place in the Java 1 contest. You have to see it to believe it!
Click Here to see the Didactic Whoosh in action

Congratulations Team Didactic Whoosh!!

Wilsonics Provides Voice-Over and Music for i-phone's MBox Mail

Also my brother's company has released an App for the i-phone and it has been very successful. My company provided the music and voice-over for the demo on youtube.

Video Clips Page

An assortment of me playing live.
Click here to go to the video clips page!

Music Clips

Me on keys and some vocals

These songs were recorded and engineered by
Craig Wilson using his mobile 24 track recording system
and Soundscape SSL/Sonar Editing System
For more info Contact Craig at 859-750-4984 or email craig@wilsonics.com

In the early 1980's I was in Bahrain (a Persian Gulf Island) performing at a 5-star hotel whilst Iran was bombing tankers about 100 miles away. Anyway, CNN used my band to open one of thier reports...
Craig, Alana, Rufus - Three's Company
click here to open CNN video clip
click here to open video clip of
"Three's Company Band", Bahrain at Gulf Hotel 1983

Thanks for the times that we've had!

Craig Wilson